Android Development Tips #02 – Encrypt Decrypt Images in Android

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In this tutorial , you will learn how to encrypt and decrypt image with Android

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  1. Sir, can I add php for this? I'm doing my project on image steganography. I'm plannig to use LSB algorithm in php. So, is it possible through this method?

  2. no entiendo nada pero mis photos se convirtieron en encrypt y ahora no se como convertirlo a jgp πŸ™

  3. When i am encrypting pdf file from retrofit
    InputStream input = response.body().byteStream();

    It encripted into 16 Byte only .. and i can't decrypt also.

    how to encrypt pdf file from server.?

  4. hello I am getting the following error.Error: Content is not allowed in prolog . The code doesnt even compile.The code is exactly the same as you no difference.THanks

  5. Can u please make a video on how to do it for a video.. And decrypting while streaming

  6. How do I implement to get images from my phone directory instead of getting those in drawable? Please I need help for a school project

  7. Ser is that possible to add a browse button in order to choose any image from gallery instead of putting image to drawable ? doing mini project and confused help πŸ˜’

  8. Sir,if I try it on my phone. Should I fix something?

  9. Hello sir U did use jsoup as you recommended but jsoup library did not parsed html (Text from paragraphs) generated by JAVASCRIPT. Can you please help me out.

  10. I have created a signed apk. When I install in android phone it say
    "Blocked by play protect Play protect does not recognise the apps developer ". pls help me….can I publish this app in playstore with this error or warning. Pls tell me the's very urgent

  11. this is my favourite channel and thanks for encryption/decryption Tutorial. you know only one thing was remain that is it but you have completed thisπŸ’πŸ’πŸ‘

  12. Sir Im your follower since more than a year and i'm willing to contribute and promote our channel to next level with my coding knowledge and i would like to share my knowledge to fellow developers via our channel. Consider this as a request and kindly do reply. Thank you in advance.

  13. Sir Can you make hide app like available in playstore which hide image,video,audio and other in to device and see in that particular app…

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