Android Beginners Guide: The Basics

This video is for people who are new to Android, showing them how to navigate throughout the OS. This is an introduction video and just covers the basics to get you going.

In this video, you’ll learn about the notification bar, the menu button, the phone’s settings, and other basic functions of any android phone.




  1. ……..this is for a fairly outdated phone type .Eight years ago now. I've put my sister on you tube to learn some smartphone basics and thought I'd have alook for myself. I felt the important stuff first thing is to learn to send n receive emails, how to go on YouTube , how to use the camera, sending photos on email and messages and it's been a slow process for a novice. I'm glad that there exists tutorials here…it goes without saying I'm from an older generation but these days I find myself spending time with my head down on the phone going through you tube stuff . Unbelievable.

  2. Hi thx for a very helpful video. Do I need wi fi to start the phone? Also how do I type in my email addy? The letters don't come up to do it. Thx

  3. Way to go man! It is something i'm looking towards! (=

    Oh by the way, is it ok if I can also seek your advice in this open source android app I have posted below? Just need some feedback about it…

    Just need to search ' pub:Path Ahead ' in Google Play (P & A are case sensitive).

    greatly appreciate !

  4. I'm brand new to smartphones, so this was quite informative. Have only owned landlines, mobile phones & regular cell phones. Thanks, David.

  5. I'm 65 and just got one of these and I've never felt so stupid. I can't even receive just says mailbox not set up…goodbye.  I want to set the fucking thing on fire.

  6. little icons! and they hide menus-is very hard find somtening-I use 15 inch laptop that much easyier

  7. What direction( what degrees ) and how fast( milliseconds of full secreen wide?) You finger move to answer call ??????

  8. Firstly. You are talking to fast. More importantly, not a beginners. None of these videos are for true beginners.

  9. Sorry – I was missing far to much to make sense of what was going on – a combnation of fast speaking and low volume 🙁 Please sort the sound quality out before you start, I suspect it is a very helpful educational – very best wishes 🙁

  10. I really liked that clock widget that came in early version of Android,
    I´ve been trying to find it for Kitkat with no Success..
    (there are other versions of that retro-clock but not as good as that one)
    BTW, I used to live in Laguna Hills, beautiful city…

  11. Loved this video. The BEST so far !  I learned a lot..and took lots of notes.
    Wish I could download it in text so that i can PRINT it out for myself of course.

  12. nice review, can you ad minutes to this one, like the cards for 60 minutes. I am having a time finding that on my phone.

  13. Keep going with these videos! You're very clear and helpful. Your popularity and viewcount is going to skyrocket with time.

  14. A very clear explanation; Much clearer than the instruction manual with it's tiny print.

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