Android Auto – User Guide

Learn how to connect your Android phone to your car and take a journey into the future of voice command with Mitsubishi’s new Mitsubishi Smartphone Link Display Audio system, now available on selected Mitsubishi models.

Use voice command to safely access your navigation, phone calls and text messages while driving. The intelligent SDA system will help you comply with government mobile safety laws during transit, for ultimate peace of mind.

To use your car’s Smartphone Link Display Audio…


  1. Hey.. I my Mistsubishi 2017 Rvr is not supporting anroid CarPlay. Is there anyone can help me how can i install CarPlay in my car. The following features are there.
    Backup camera
    Audio, CD player, bluetooth

  2. Why can't I connect my LG G6 Phone The dealership couldn't get it to work. Seems like missleading advertising to me to say it has smart phone android connectivity.

  3. The Mitsubishi Andi Mack Display Audio system, now available for Andi Mack on selected Mitsubishi.

  4. I live in Scotland so basically no navigation in most of the country. What a stupid idea.

  5. I cannot get my WileyFox swift 2 Plus to connect to my 2018 PHEv. The option to change from charging to file transfer on connecting the USB lead does not come up. The phone will only charge.

  6. My Android Auto stopped working after Android 8.0 system update. Anyone else has this problem?

  7. mat sr yg sdh pesan dr papua ini kira2 mobilnya bisa msk ke jayapura bln berapa?

  8. muchas gracias, soy administrador de garantias, desde la ciudad de mexico, les envio un coordial saludo. esto es simliara las unidades que vendemos aquí, compartire el video a mis clientes para que puedan ser y dearrollar las oparaciones en las unidades que cuentan con esta tecnología.

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