Android Apps: Line2 Android VoIP App User Guide

Line2 for Android VoIP app user guide. A quick overview of one of the best Android apps – Line2.


  1. I have an adroid telepone which legally I had to change the number I contacted customer support to assist me with sending the calls to my new number. Customer support do not respond and to cancel the service is even worse then talking with customer service you can not talk live to anyone at this companu

  2. I can't wait to download this app. I just signed up for line2 a few days ago and I am still in my trial stage and looking forward to giving this a try.

  3. when is it coming out can someone please tell me I use it on my iphone and love it. This will be a great app for the android phones.

  4. I'm an EVO user and that looks like an EVO in the video. Certainly hoping for good news next week. Been waiting for the Line2 Android app for a long time!!!!

  5. @eathepez @jonesla9 look for an announcement next week. It's in the final stages of testing.

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