Android Application Development Tutorial for Beginners – #6 | 2017 | Tweaks & Tips #1

Android Application Development Tutorial for Beginners – #6 | 2017

Today we’re going taking a deep breath between the learning time and checking & testing/tasting some of the cool features of Android Studio.

Goal: The Android Application Development Series where I cover each and every topic inside Android Studio that are required for easy understanding and proper usage of Android Studio. By the end of this course, I can guarantee that you can build your own desired Android…


  1. Hey Sabith, Great Job with the tutorials. I am getting rendering errors every time i open my studio and layout won't show.
    Also, How Can i Access Styles of the Second Activity Layout?

  2. Setting -> Editor -> General
    Change the font size (Zoom) with Crtl+ Mouse Wheel

  3. I am really loving these tutorials, they help a lot since I am just beginning to code and know very little on the subject. Keep up the good work and I cannot wait to see more from you.

  4. are uh kidding? do you think we are in K.G class? come on man! show some really good stuff… u wasted my 7.5 minutes

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