Android and Mac – Apple Ecosystem for the Rest of Us

Do you own an Android phone and have a Mac or iPad? How do you get them to work together/what are some of your favorite apps?

Features like placing and receiving calls, sending and receiving text messages, and transferring files across devices are something Apple is well-known for in their products. This video goes into some of the ways I manage to integrate my Note 9 with my Mac and iPad.

1:24 | FaceTime Replacement
1:47 | Find My Friends
2:49 | AirDrop Replacement
4:18 | iMessage…


  1. if you switch to android, download Google's version of contacts, messages, Gboard, etc. it creates a seamless experience

  2. Are there any bluetooth earphones/buds which switch seemlessly between mac and android phone similar to what airpods provide between mac and iphone?

  3. I'm not switching from iPhone to Android. I'm switching from Windows to MacOS. Still informative.

  4. You can use Google Photos for seamlessly syncing photos, Google drive for syncing files. You can even set up Google drive to show up on your Mac similar to iCloud.

  5. Hey Emilio, I have been an Android Phone user since 2013 and I embrace Macbooks for the last 5 because I edit videos with Final Cut Pro.
    The time has finally come that I need a new phone. I have problems connecting my android devices to my macbook via android file transfer, making transferring clips from my phone to my macbook very difficult, if not impossible as it kept disconnecting. This is why I'm thinking of switching to an iPhone, but deep down, I want an android. Are there any other solutions for the file transfer failure? Cheers!

  6. Think you along with other youtube uploads fail on one major front..That front is to show what app/software you use to manage your android phone on a mac from a photo.contacts/music/backup standpoint

  7. Thanks, this is very informative.
    iMessage videos sent to my S10+ is ridiculously pixelated. Any suggestions?

  8. Continuity was my primary concern switching over from an iPhone to Android. Thanks for ironing that out.

  9. We had macbooks, and mac mini plus iphones. with 6s apple made us angry so we switched to Samsung s8. Then our 2010 macbooks drove us crazy and there was no support from Apple anymore (need to replace the battery? forget it, the computer is too old kind of talk) so we bought Samsung notebook spin 7 this past June. Biggest mistake ever. We just switched to one MacBook pro but now I worry about the phones. I really don't want to go back to iPhone, it seems like going back to worse quality product but I feel it would be easier for my husband.

  10. Text Messages – You should just use android messages (by Google). Then go to in chrome on any computer you are using.
    Google Photos is the best for photo storage. Unlimited Storage for free at HD. You have to pay for full Resolution, unless you have a pixel.
    File Transfer – Google Drive
    I agree on DUO and Google Maps though!

  11. Past two years I bought an iPad Pro, switched from iPhone -> Pixel 2, and switched from PC -> Macbook Pro (first time on MacOS).
    I was also pretty worried about the whole apple ecosystem regarding imessage and airdrop. But I realized that I've been far more invested in the Google ecosystem (sheets, docs, photos, gmail, etc). I'm still thinking about going to iPhone, but I dont think i can ever leave Google Photos and its seamless sync straight from the pixel (it's amazing for someone who does mobile photography). All in all, i'm pretty satisfied with my pixel apple setup. I did not know about AirDroid, so thanks for the suggestion!

    I can see this is a new channel, but I really enjoy what you say and your suggestions. The research you did for this video and also the phone insurance is really awesome. Thanks for the great content; I'll be tuning in more 🙂

  12. Have been trying to get over to the note 9. Why do I feel like I’m missing something not having a iPhone? I’m actually missing a lot more not having android

  13. I would like to go to android but one thing that holds me back is the money I’ve invested in the apple ecosystem. Btw great video. ✌️

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