Android – A Beginners Guide (Part 2)

A brief introduction to the basics of Android, what is and how to use it. Purely for first time Android users who aren’t familiar or comfortable with smartphones!


  1. Straight forward and to the point. A great overview tutorial without going too deep into each specific mode of use. Thanks!

  2. What I'm trying to figure out is how some people call someone and while talking to them are also showing them a live video being shot by the phone as they're still speaking?

  3. The basics have really stayed pretty much the same since this video was uploaded so many years ago. I appreciate you taking the time to make it. The tips were very helpful and I've managed to somewhat find my way around the 1st smart phone I've purchased. Cheers!

  4. Thanks- I've just ordered my first android phone after using a symbian os nokia for years (and years…) and there's not too much info about getting started with the phone so this is ideal!

  5. Great! I am getting my first smartphone tomorrow. I have learned so much from the video. Thanks!

  6. came across this by accident….so helpful as i had almost given up on galaxy. thank you

  7. Thanks Robbie.  I am a first time smartphone user – galaxy Ace 4 – age 65 and your two videos are exactly what I needed.  I am so glad to have found them. I wish the stores selling android phones would recommend these videos to all first time users. It is such a relief to have someone who does not assume everyone knows these basics. Well done!

  8. Thank you for taking the time to make this video. It's very easy to understand and follow. I need simple ha-ha!

  9. Very good tutorial.  Even though the phones are out of date the basics and the concepts don't change.  

  10. No problem all. To be honest, the video is a bit out of date. I no longer have access to enough phones to make a newer video but that might change, you never know!

  11. Thank You for making this Video.   I just got my first Android phone and was throwing my hands up in despair until I looked at this.  I have watched it twice and now feel I can work (and enjoy!) my new phone.  Thanks Again.

  12. thank you for taking the time for making this video. Quite helpful

  13. Thank you this is very helpful, as I am going to hold a workshop in Android for beginners and i dont even have one my self. 🙂

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