Android 7.1.1 update on Sony Xperia X multitasking and performance test

Download the loops wallpaper here:


  1. Nice review. I hope you can review xperia z5 with the latest build update 32.4.A.1.54, nobody seems to give info regarding the update.

  2. does the sony xperia x support 4g lte here in the U.S with tmobile or metro pcs

  3. Hi. I have this device. But after the update to nought the Facebook not working good. And the camera do alote of bixel

  4. there are issues with 7.1.1 :
    speaker and headphone sound is low, freezing of phone but press power button and unlock solves the problem, Bluetooth issues, camera shows heat warning and etc etc

  5. Hi I recently bought Sony Xperia x
    are there any special features on this phone or hidden feature, tricks Or tips? Please share if u you know any…

  6. Hey there. Have you experienced slow charging after the update? Mine has been charging slowly since the update. I'm using the same charging cable and adaptor I used before the update. Would you kindly tell me where the problem comes from?

  7. hey bro can you please make a video of camera performance of this xperia x 64 gb variant please bro and compare it with galaxy s7 or honor 8 please bro i wanna buy this xperia please make a video of its camera review

  8. I'm quite impressed with what Sony has done with the update. But would u say the X speakers are better than the bigger Z5?

  9. I would like to know if there are any improvements to the general speed + performance (like app loading), camera, multitasking & battery life?

  10. Hii. It's been 5 months I'm using Xperia x. I just saw that Xperia X has 2500 mah to 2585mah instead of 2620mah. is that normal? Tried accu battery and service menu *#*#7378423#*#*. Which is less than 2620mah.

  11. always skeptical on newer updates. is this worth upgrading to?

    i know usually is good with not having issues on new updates.

  12. I was searching these all things from many days but I got it all from here that link really helped…

  13. Hello recently update for my xperia z5 compact and I have the problem that the identifier and the call history does not recognize the contacts, they only show the number. If they have information on how to solve it, I would be grateful

  14. do you notice some problems with wi fi signal (weak, range support) ?

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