Amazon Best Selling Smart Mirror | 10" Touch Security Dash Cam Review and Install

🔥 AKASO Mirror Dash Camera –

🔥 Recommended Tint Tools! –

Glass Aid +

Tint Knife:
Stainless Blades:
Felt Card –
Heat Gun:
Door Cover:
Tint Apron:
Razor Blades:

Camera Gear


  1. Thank you for your video you a the only person that show exactly where to place the rear camera clear as water.

  2. It's so weird why do you need to fix all these mirrors ON your current mirror? Why not to just swap them? Such a weird design.

  3. By turning stearing wheel parking assistant line should be turned accordingly. How it will be done?

  4. Needed to do a little pilot hole first with a small drill bit then put in screw after wards

  5. Your revue gave me a headache dude. The camera was shaking around all over the place… I gave up trying to watch it after only five minutes…

  6. This is great, and exactly the kind of video I was looking for. So much more useful to see how someone could mess up installing it so you know what mistakes to avoid.

  7. On the backup camera, adjust it so you can see the edge of your bumper at the bottom of the screen. It helps to judge when you’re close enough.

  8. Decent mirror. Good point about reflection. Wonder if you had window tint helps with that. Btw, about rear camera. There's some that fit as if factory camera.i have on my Honda Accord. Remove tag light, pop in new tag light that has a camera on it. Easier install, very stealth looking. Very clear too.mine was $22.ebay

  9. I LOVE THIS SHIT, Just do it and see how it works ..!
    And also how to MESS up a Honda…whatever Style!

    I waiting for the Solar Powered Bluetooth device… bit tired of the Cable freakshow.

  10. I learned from this video that the blue wire is the power wire on the Honda tail light assembly. Thank you!

  11. Thank you for this post! Just what I needed to know!👍
    Very entertaining too!😂
    I recommend you get magnetic attachment for your drilling tool.
    Yeah I know it's not called that…I'm tired.
    Subbed just cuz I like you!😊

  12. Dude you’re not funny stop trying to be funny! This video is so cringy if that’s even a word, I couldn’t finish the damn video I don’t even want the camera now. Smh

  13. As someone who has installed thousands of screws, I just wanna say thanks for the laughs watching this install. But I did enjoy the video and how much it explained the camera/mirror much better than seeing a description on Amazon.

  14. I think you did a pretty decent job the only problem was you didn't really give enough information or detail about how good the camera was or
    the quality of a picture of some playback video capture maybe at night things like that

  15. A little painful but honest. The only thing missing that I would love in this product is..wireless. I guess we can figure something out about it.

  16. Man it hurt to watch the install lol… But I appreciate the video!

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