AMAZING LOOT for BEGINNER in PLAYER BASES – Jurassic Survival Gameplay Android

This is another Last Day On Earth Survival CLONE game to emerge for download on the play store. Be sure to watch the video before you comment on it being a rip off please. I already know it is.

Falcon’s Jurassic Survival Gameplay. Let’s Play Jurassic Survival, a game that is literally Last Day On Earth Survival meets Durango. The clones are mutating!

In this episode of Let’s Play Jurassic Survival, there’s plenty of amazing loot for beginners at the npc bases. As always, If you enjoy…


  1. I thought he'd say that there may I cuz the players in the game they are not real people there a i

  2. Dang!!! You are ao hilarious!!!! LOL, but u know what? I played this game before and i was level 17. I was pro. But you are too!!!! I was so good and bad at that game at the same time! But Dang, u r a real pro. Good Luck, Falcon69! My name at that is SketchPunk. Do you still play the game?

  3. Used love your last day on earth videos, this game is good too. Do you think you may try Grim Soul Fantasy Survival uploads someday?

  4. It is not a player's base you robed,because I robed a player with the same house location and the chest in the house was in the same place and the items in the chest was the same,so jurassic survival is not multiplayer,these are fake player bases on the map,they are bots.

  5. For a new clone game, it already had advance features. I like how 2 additional quick key to unlock.

  6. Hi, my name is Xafix and
    In this channel i register gamplay and tutorial of games like Last Day on Earth, Terraria and Overwatch. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

  7. Dont do it falcon u think about last say the acid bath u need to put parts so the incubator need that

  8. I'm trying to figure out how to dodge the spitter it seems like I need to craft better gear to own a dodge it but is there a way to dodge it without gear

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