All Samsung Galaxy Secret Codes and Hacks, Hidden Menu 2019-20

Check all #Samsung Galaxy #secret_codes and #hacks to test the mobile features.

In this video, you can find:
Samsung service menu code
Samsung dialer codes
Code to check the IMEI number
Samsung screen test code
Samsung LCD test code
Samsung engineering mode code
Samsung service mode code
Samsung hardware test code
Samsung Mobile Manufacturing Date
Samsung touch screen test code
Samsung sensor check code
and a lot more Samsung secret codes and tricks. With these codes you can check different…


  1. Bro where and what is the mtk engineering mode code of samsung.please need your response.if any one have please share with me.

  2. A lot of stuff, like the hardware tests and the version info, seems to have been consolidated into the main testing menu (alongside the touch test and the colors) by the time of the S10.

  3. All codes worked on my Galaxy C7. Some codes are really useful.

  4. Guys some of these codes are not supported by some samsung models so hope you understand.

  5. Despite several attempts,methods,techniques & even the people pretending to be hackers I've encountered,i was finally refereed to this hacker on Instagram who finally gave me all i wanted from my partners mobile phone.If you are in the same shoe as me,i'm referring you to his Instagram page for help[@cybercaliphate699].

  6. None of the codes work on my new Samsung A 10 e. Only service mode code that I got from another YT site.

  7. for some reason my galaxy note 5 stopped working with the codes , rolling back to old firmware's and still can not access the dial codes .. codes work on my old note 2 and 4 ..

  8. *#7353# really helped me. I was going to buy a used mobile and when I test this code to check TSP Grid mode, I found that the touch is not working on 3 spots together…. Thanks a lot. This video is great.

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