AirPods for Android?!

Now that the headphone jack is dead… exploring the best wireless earbuds for Android!

↓↓ All Products linked below // Pricing may vary ↓↓
Google Pixel Buds:
Jaybird Run:
Jaybird X3:
Bose SoundSport Free:
Bragi Dash:
Jabra Elite Sport:
Erato Apollo 7:
Yevo 1:



  1. This needs a sequel soon. Now with the new Pixel Buds, updated Airpods, and numerous new contenders, such as the Ticpods, it would be very interesting to see your thoughts on the scene.

  2. I am not really keen of ipods because every time i am near a person that has them i can hear music from even 5 meters of distance, with the background noises. They don't have so much noise isolation. And i prefer the flexibile tip more than plastic that goes into my ear.

  3. Hello I am sorry if I’m using you but if you can subscribe to me that would be great sorry again

  4. Sorry mkbhd, I like your videos, but this one wasnt accurate, airpods might have a lot of good functionality on apple devices but I can use my jabra elite 65t I got for 20 dollars cheaper and they are better in basically every area

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