Adding Google Assistant to my Tesla Model 3 with the ROAV Bolt

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  1. I got the one pictured in the video and I noticed they had a new one out. I got it for Christmas from my daughter and haven't opened it yet should I go get the newer longer looking roav bolt. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8plus android by the way,and a Jeep Cherokee 2001 sport XJ, with stock radio. Will I be able to still even use it. It has no aux port and I thought that this would solve my problems with music and calls. Didn't realise you need a car with bluetooth already,

  2. Do you have to leave the centre console of your car open for the device to hear your commands? Or can you leave it closed?

  3. I have the one plus 6T android phone and can use the google assistant in the car without any device like this and it a lot faster than this video. Not sure why you need this device. Just enable "hay google" on your android phone and pick phone as your input in the sound system.

  4. The delay is caused by routing everything via the two bluetooth connections. The delay is much less using the 3.5mm aux port.

  5. I added an Alexa Amazon input for 19.99 using Aux in my 2012 Subaru. My experience is that there is about 1/3 of the delay shown in the video. Not sure if it is because there is no Bluetooth being used or that it is Amazon. Anyhow, my experience is much better.

  6. I would like to add Alexa to my Model 3. All my music on Amazon playlist. Even my Volt could do that.

  7. Jordan! Your journey to being fit was amazing. Please don't slip back. It's very hard journey

  8. I can't relate on tesla because Philippines don't have it,but then nice review…

  9. Does this act as a Bluetooth transmitter also. Can you play media or conduct calls without Assistant? Thanks.

  10. Nice touch lowering the "Hey, Google!" command!

    Thanks for the overview, it seems that this would be targeted more towards lower priced vehicles with whatever bluetooth stereo is placed in it (or whichever cheap headmount was available to add GPS).

    PS: Is it just Bluetooth connection? If that's the case, then the 10 minutes seem like a normal thing. The LG G Watch (yeap, still the original one) could easily take longer if I force more than a few apps, watch faces or music onto it.

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