A Strange Eye Icon That Appears on Your Phone

It may seem that you know everything about your smartphone: all its knacks, glitches, and icons. But occasionally, especially if you’re an Android owner, or if you have just had a software update or installed a new, unfamiliar app, your cell phone might surprise you. You unlock it and – ta-da! – there is an eye, staring at you from the top of the screen!

Everybody knows the meaning of a small radar sign at the top of the screen! Yep, that’s the famous Wi-Fi symbol, loved by many! It…


  1. Working as a customer representetive for a big telco. Lot's of people needs to watch this. They get paranoid right away for this icon

  2. Is this some poor android joke that I’m too rich iPhone to understand?

    (Chill it’s a joke)

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