A Simple Way To Mirror your Android Screen to PC and Mac OS

Want to know, how to display your android screen on laptop or Mac? Well, here is a simple way to cast Android screen on a computer.

Find detail analysis of all the apps, I mention in this video here.

I use Audio from YouTube audio library.

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  1. Have lately subscribed to you channel and have started going thru the contents, in this vieo in particular, you stated Hi there… this is … and your Name did not sound clear, can i have the name please, besides i have mailed you from my gmail account to contact@techwiser.com, will you receive it or there are others too on your team who may access this e mail, now worries , but if a query is posted to a particular person, a response from him/her is appreciated. Keep posting, entertaining and spreading knowledge….. thanks …. take care

  2. please go little slow and clear that will benefit all types of people of all age…this is my best suggestion…Reply

  3. Windows connect works on my Xiaomi redmi note 6 pro. It's been sitting there for a year and I just discovered this casting/wireless connect thing! Thanks!

  4. in my pc screenshot option does not pop ups rather mirroring option appears ;and when i press on it nothing happens , please guide me so as to what to do

  5. This is a great ! But I am not been able to find screenshot option in my computer desktop after connecting android phone with computer.

  6. You say you dont need to sign up… but if i click on Icon it wants me to sign in? But to sign in you have to sign up. I'm not getting it. Please help

  7. while mirroring a msg pops up on laptop screen it says mobile needs to grant permssion to take screenshots..so now from where to allow it to take permissions?

  8. Small YouTuber here!Thank you for your vids..it helped me a lot! God bless you more๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Hello I have an Android 10 phone as well as Laptop with Windows 10. My has has a function of Screen Cast but I'm unable to connect with my laptop. My cell is able to search laptop but disconnect always. Am I doing something wrong or what ? Can U help me out ?

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