A Lifelong iPhone User SWITCHES To Android! But Will He Stay?

With iPhones getting so expensive in 2019, some people are wondering if switching to Android will help save them money. With many more affordable Android smarphones out there, we handed a lifelong iOS user a OnePlus 6T to see how he liked the switch. After only owning iPhones for the last decade, lets see what was the best features he like and more importantly if he would stay on Android. 🙂

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  1. For anyone wondering, this was filmed 3 weeks ago and wasn't meant as a clickbait video so he could just switch back and then we post another clickbait video. 😋 He's still on Android and has no plans to switch. 👍👍👍 If you want us to post an update after 6 months to YT Community & Social, more than willing to.

  2. I’ve been using iphone for 6 years and now I’m thinking about switching to android, maybe samsung or realme but I’m worried 😂

  3. I hate android. When I first booted it it hit me with a 1 minute boot screen. On my nokia brick, it took seconds. In the setup phase, it asked for my gmail and other stuff. All the nokia brick does is ask for the date and time

  4. You can transfer messages, contacts and call history using “SUPER BACKUP”

  5. Watching this in 2020 and price argument is out the window with iPhone 11 cheaper than Samsung s20. I switched a couple of times back and forward between Android and iOS but there’s no way I’d let go my jail broken IOS 13 for android right now

  6. IPhone = High Price (Shine) Its like a empty Fluorescent TubeLight😂
    Android = For Daily uses and Personal Purposes gaming …

  7. ok, but i see that all these videos "apple user switches to android" they pick people who:
    1. are using an old phone
    2. are in the demographic that apple doesn't really cater to

  8. I would really like to switch from IOS to Android to give it a shot…BUT I hear the cameras are trash compared to iPhones so I'm scared as I need to take quality photos

  9. I’ll be making the switch ASAP. I’ll be rejoining the Samsung “galaxy”. I miss android even if I don’t tinker too much. Better value for money. Better features and better versions of features that iOS already has. I know I can get used to it again pretty easily. I don’t hate apple but I’m just done with them personally. I would still recommend it to certain friends and family but I’m an unapologetic android fanboy.

  10. When I get green text messages I’m like
    Who’s this broke bitch texting me

  11. Unless you use stock Android, Android is pretty much a useless os. The ram management of iOS is much better. Pixel cameras are one of the best and the gold standard. Having said that iOS price is not justified.

  12. If you want to keep your messages, turn off iMessage in your settings before you sync to your Android phone in settings.

  13. Switching from iphone se to a oppo reno 2z can not wait for it to arrive via mail

  14. Android is great except for texting. iMessage definitely has android bested in that aspect. The app looks cleaner, and the damn green bubble makes us look like broke boys to the people on iPhones

  15. All the things he complained about could have been fixed in the settings. He could had his voice trusted so Google assistant would not require him to unlock with the command

  16. I thought i was a hero also but after few weeks i found Myself with IOS again because android is just not for me.
    It fails with the most important things that a phone should give you.

  17. APPLE IOS vs ANDRIOD OS . I was apple only from the 3 to the 7 , but got tired of lack of compatibility with any other OS or software hardware ext.
    And Android works seemingly with anything and everything elsewhere sometimes even apple lol, but im swapping Pedro over from Apple to Android , a OnePlus as I'm super loyal to that brand as it suits me perfectly and will Pedz also. But while researching how to swap over easiest way possible.
    I don't f.cpurse found all for hard fanboys willing to cut their limbs off to prove they are right lol, but at the end of the day it's Personal preference, but you can always tell a fanboy from a reguler user. it's exactly like showing a voice recording to a nasacisst of something they have absolutely denied they said lol , when there is absolute proof there wrong they fly into very very long draun out political consipiries and a lot of highly disorganised cleaner tech terms, to basically evade the answer and hide their fury lol 😂 , it's so funny

  18. Hahaha, i Fíng love this guy. He's the kind of guy you want to be friends with. Keyboard with adds, lmao!

  19. I currently have the iPhone xs max, 256 gb. I have had it since day 1, and I by no means have any regrets on this phone, it has aged extremely well over the past year. But as time goes on Im realizing it is not worth the $1000+ price point I paid for it. I previously had the galaxy s8 for a month when it came but I was too tied into the apple ecosystem, but since that time in 2017 I have sold and given away alot of my apple products, and ready to breakaway from the apple cult for good, they have great products but as time progresses its not worth the money to me anymore. And I have been strongly wanting to make the change over to Android/Samsung for years. And I feel like this is the perfect phone for me to begin the permanent switch, I just have my hesitation to wait for next years note phone or just get the note 10+.

  20. Team Android is the best with its price.. OnePlus 6T retails for $550 while old iPhones like 7+ retails for the same price. Very convincing to buy a $550 android phone than a released 2016 $550 iPhone..

  21. My notifications on Samsung the most recent are ALWAYS at the top????! Maybe that is a Oneplus quirk. Not Android.

  22. one of my friends once said I should UPGRADE to an iPhone

    if only he knew that that would be a DOWNGRADE

  23. I switched from iPhone to android (Galaxy s10plus) after being with iPhones from the start. And now after 2 weeks I honestly don't think I'll ever go back. Bought a galaxy watch after a week.

  24. You never save in clouds are you stupid just save on your cards, you really wanna up and download and wait all the time and also giving a stranger all your files to watch ?

  25. Isn't there an option in the Google Assistant to make the phone open with your voice?

  26. Glad I watched this video to the end. The flagship iPhones are too expensive. I'm not spending $1000 for the current flagship iPhones or Android phones. There's just not enough value for the money. I have an iPhone 8 Plus which I got a two for one deal on ($900 for two 256gig iPhone 8 Pluses). If I had to buy a phone right now, I'd buy the OnePlus 7 Pro. Fortunately, I'm not that invested in the Apple eco system and I've used android in the past and it's plenty good.

  27. HardwareCanucks idiot the OnePlus has a complete different operating interface system than Samsung phones. You can't generalize Android as a whole from Samsung and OnePlus. And you didn't mention the iPhone not only has a percentage toggle but also has low power mode which does saves a certain amount of battery. Dummy.

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