A Great Bluetooth Keyboard: Jelly Comb Foldable With Touchpad Review (Android, IOS, Windows Phones)

A great Bluetooth keypad that includes a touchpad!
Thanks, Rob.
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  1. So many videos showing how to take it out of the box and opening out the flaps. How about something serious like;
    how the mousepad works ie, how many fingers do what and the numerouse finger gestures, charging times etc….
    Sick of these how to take it out of the box vids.

  2. i have one of these an it works great with my phones, but when i try to connect it to my desktop pc it asks for a code to put in to pair it while it makes u type in a code that the phone shows u then u hit enter key but for pc or at least mine anyways asks for a code. any suggestions

  3. It works on my android phone…but does not work on my win10 laptop….it keeps asking for a pin….i tried 1755 as per manual but it does not work…any ideas?

  4. The space bar seems to skip back to the beginning of the previous word. Am I tapping something that I am not supposed to?


  6. How come noone explains how to reset the b003 keyboard's bt connection WHATS THE RESET KEY COMBINATION?!!!!!

  7. I saw a guy using one in a Gemini laptop video and had to search for them, found it on Amazon and immediaately bought one

  8. I just bought one and its crap. It connected up first time but now it wont reconnect and has messed up the bluetooth settings on some of my devices. The keyboard is visible in the bluetooth setting of some devices but wont connect and wont let you remove it either to try to reinstall. What am I doing wrong?

  9. Great vid However when i try to pair the devise i keep getting an incorrect passkey notification. What am i doing wrong?

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