9-Year iPhone User Switches to Android: Disappointment? | Galaxy S8 Review (3 Months Later)

9-Year iPhone User Switches to Android for 3 Months: Disappointment? | Samsung Galaxy S8 Review – 3 Months Later

After spending more than 3 months with the Samsung Galaxy S8, here are my thoughts on the device and whether or not I’ll be switching from the iPhone 7 Plus.

Galaxy S8 Review After 72 Hours:

Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 7 Plus Camera Comparison:
Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus SPEED TEST:…


  1. Note: The resolution on the S8 is a ~3k display (2960×1440), not 4k as I mistakingly mentioned in the video.

    Anybody switch from the iPhone 7 to the S8 or vice versa? Thoughts?

  2. iPhone user FROM the beginning , I went from iPhone 8 plus to the S8 . I must say I will miss imessage but that's it Samsung Galaxy S8 is a better phone

  3. I recently switched from the iPhone 7 to the Samsung Galaxy s10 and I have bo regrets whatsoever and love it.

  4. Someone probably mentioned this somewhere in this or the last one, but the app "polish" that everyone talks about on iPhones is the fact that iPhones are a single, locked off quantity. Every aspect of the phone, from the hardware, to the operating system, is controlled completely by Apple, as is the app store, and the standards for writing and passing app reviews. Which means apps for iOS are all going to enjoy the exact same experience because the device is so rigorously controlled.

    Android, on the other hand, is the operating system, and being opensource, there are as many flavors of it as there are days of the year. Hundreds of different phones with widely varying specs, etc, all needing to be able to do the same thing, which puts a lot of the onus for handling that directly onto the operating system, where Apple can offload some of that to hardware. Android can't assume anything about the hardware, some phones may have x piece, some may not. The result is that "polish" feel. It isn't really polish on the apps, it is just how tightly controlled the iOS system is vs the very open, wild west, of the Android system.

  5. HELP my decision. I’m going between iPhone X or S8 not the plus model I have iPhone 6s Plus I have small hands I had the S6 edge for a week before I got my 6s Plus because my grandma let me borrow her old phone and I hated typing on the edge but the edge is bigger on the S6 edge so I don’t know if I will love the S8 and I like iOS but the S8 is now $375 and the iPhone X is $620 which should I get

  6. Wanted to buy an iPhone but after watching this video I bought galaxy s9 plus…. I saved my money….. 😍 😍

  7. On Samsung, if you switch off their messaging app to Google Messages you can have continuity to the computer now btw

  8. I have both apple and andriod newest phones..and i have used both for years..but i must say the note 9 is in my own thoughts well over apple..apple of course still a few things better..but over the battery life viewing angles..the S pen..headphone jack..android is doing it right..the iphone xs max is good but still needs to catch up to samsung..

  9. Blue chat bubbles are so overrated, i had iPhone for years and never used it…

  10. I am an androis user(lifetime) and never hold an iphone in my hands, i really want to try the iOS.
    Is iOS good? I support apple, dont know why. Maybe i like that little apple on phone's back.

  11. I like that you keep it yourself. Doesn't throw it to watchers. Of course it's the taste of the people. No body can't say nothing over the iPhone or Android because there are many reasons to choose.

  12. You make brief mention of the relationship between computer and phone, but I think that has to be one of the prime considerations in deciding which phone to get. I switched from pc to Mac in 2007, when trying to get any mobile phone to work with Windows to back up contacts was a-hem – in its infancy to put it mildly. Even now I wonder how seamless the Android/PC relationship is, and I suspect it’s even worse with a Mac. Another consideration is attitudes to advertising and data collection. Apple’s attitude has long been to maintain a happy medium between the needs of advertisers and the need of the user to feel secure in that their every movement is not being tracked in cyberspace. Google is quite the opposite. So I think the phone comparison debate should focus less on features and whether or not you live and die by a couple of seconds of extra speed.

  13. When you miss out on having a better phone because your fans have iPhones 😂 saying you "can't" switch. You can you just don't want to.

  14. Samsung – faster, better quality, more reliable, better photos, universal connectors interchangable with other devices, mini-jack port, best quality display, super fast charging, easy to customize, split screen. The only good apple is from tree.

  15. Interesting but I don’t trust 9 year old users that switch! I personally switched everything when I was even 14! ( 🤣).

  16. I just want to point out the fact that when iphone users swtich to Android they have most choices than only choosing Samsung! They can try LG, Song, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, Oneplus, Essentials, etc, etc.

  17. Wow. I switched from android to iPhone in 2011, switched back to android, bought an iPhone as a work phone so I had both. When I had both together, I realized what I couldn't when I only had one or the other. I'm not buying an android device ever again.

  18. For years I paid thousands of dollars to Apple and they never gave me a decent battery or made the phone easy and fun to use as I type these words on my new note 9 which fulfilled my wishes and desires for a modern smartphone.

  19. This was more a review of the S8 phone. I was hoping you'd talk more about the transition as I'm considering leaving iPhone as well. i.e. getting calendar, music, contacts, etc from iOS to Android.

  20. Die hard Android fan here but I have to say Snapchat will always be better on iOS because the Snapchat team doesn't want to make a version for every Android phone so it just uses the normal camera and takes a screen capture of what the camera sees instead of taking an actual picture but if you look at the note 8 vs I phone whatever note 8 wins by far at opening apps and running them

  21. Never owned an iPhone but I want one more than ever, used the LG G6 for about a year and a quarter now and it's so slow. I've tried everything and even factory reset it at one point to get it a little quicker but it's just the downside of using an Android device, they don't last. I'm going to get the 6.5 inch iPhone X Plus when it comes out this September and I can't wait to have something more reliable

  22. you can get google messenger if you dislike the android messager. googles messaging app is way better

  23. you can also change iris to open as soon as you turn the phone on, without swiping up and getting that ugly camera thing

  24. What u have to understand is android doesn't mean automatically Samsung. U should use an actually good android device, live OP6 or Pixel. Damn, even Sony or Motorola are better

  25. Hey Brandon. I noticed that you were frustrated that you couldn't switch between devices to text (from phone to pc, etc…). Since you have Verizon, they actually have a message plus app ONLINE in browser. As well as downloadable for mac and pc. (On my s9+ 😉)

  26. im from 2018 and most or maybe all of the small little details are fix like not pressing ok on the lock screen, finger print placement, camera, and i remeber in your last video about this phone you said you wish it was better in low light, welp all this can be yours if you get the s9 or s9 plus. P.s you can change the pressing ok button feature off by looking it up on you tube.

  27. I with both Android and Apple. Ive used an iPhone before and the YouTube and Instagram experience on it was way better than it was on my LG stylo 2.

  28. You do realize that your not supposed to put any phone in saltwater even if it’s water resistant.

  29. Both are great phones, the days of apple being way better is over. You buy either phone your good to go.

  30. man,don't go to the beach again with the ip68,because it's 8 for clean water,not the salty mineral-imbued one and you might screw up the phone like that.
    and a little adjustement, the samsung uses recently,from the S7 ,ultrapixel technology for camera,that means the pixel is twice bigger than the usual megapixel. so a 12upx is about a 24mpx one.

  31. iOS 11 completely ruined iPhones for me it was optimized like garbage. Got a s8+ recently and it’s fucking awesome. Customization, much better looking phone, expandable,tweaks , widgets, better third party support, wireless charging, fast charging , still supports standard headphones…….iPhones just have blue chat bubbles lol

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