9 Instagram Story Hacks for Android you probably didn't know! 2019

In this video I show you 9 Instagram Story Hacks for Android and iPhone. It is full of Tips & Tricks that you probably didn’t know about.

I will show you how to insert multiple images from your camera roll on a single story, how to get the best templates and more. Although this video is specifically for Android users, the majority of the tricks also work for iPhone users

Enjoy. Catch you next week xoxox

Here is a link to my last video –

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  1. Thank you so much, I searched for the SwiftKey Hack because my Phone dont let me copy pictures, too! 💚

  2. for those who doesnt have the pin sign on your keyboard, go to gif button then there youll see the pin button :))

  3. actually I don't really like swift key board ( no offense ) bc it only allows pics from ur camera and not the other albums

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