9 Automation HACKS for Android

Automate everything on your smartphone!

00:12 IFTTT:
Automate your social media accounts
00:45 Share wifi with a QR code!
QR Generator:
QR Scanner App:
01:17 Macrodroid:
01:29 Automate your auto-rotating
01:53 Torch on shake when in the dark
02:06 Flip to Mute Phone Calls
02:18 Llama Location Profiles:
03:04 SmartLock
04:05 Lockwatch:…


  1. Hi Steve,

    I am fascinated by your macro, Torch on shake when in the dark. Do you have an exact manual? I have already worked with the Macrodroid a few times. However, I do not quite understand the use of variables:/ Thank you for your help:) Kind regards,…. have to say it again.. haha awesome.

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  3. Hi Can you give step by step how to create the flip to mute calls with droid macro please ..I really like that feature

  4. Pro tip guys, Smart Lock is available on Samsung devices (S6 and above) standard. I use this on my S6 edge plus. My trusted device is my car Bluetooth, no need for fingerprint fumbling while driving and accessing Spotify.

  5. Nice video, good idea on apps, just saying if you want to take some time to learn Tasker does it all.

  6. behaviour based on cell network towers in these automation apps never works because cell ids are constantly changing.

  7. none of these are on my tablet, its a comtiva n700 on android 2.6.3, your title lied….

  8. buddy great work ,hope u can done a another video quickly@steve wright android at night

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