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Our phones get more and more powerful, and while battery technology has improved, it hasn’t increased at the same rate we use our mobile gadgets. Taking a quick look at Android today, here are 8 tips to improve battery life on your phone, though you probably won’t want to do them…

9 Battery Tips for iPhones

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  1. Tip 9 : Transfer ur data from phone to ur laptop and format ur phone often…..

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  3. For me I'm always in battery saver mode and 5% brightness and my battery still die fast ;-;

  4. 50% of comments:Thanks a lot is helping!
    50% of comments:I am watching this under 10% of my batteries

  5. Who else is watching this at 1% battery while charging but it doesn't charge up?

  6. If you use battery saver ur phone will use 75% of cpu on ur phone and then ur games will veary laggy

  7. Love my boring wallpaper and shortened the display sleep too a minute. Plus, I slow charge because fast charging destroys the battery. Y your only tricking your battery to thinking is full when it's still half empty but says it's at 100%. If you slow charge over night, you'll have a battery last all day with a 1450 mAh battery. My Note 4 last all day. Yes, I love my Note 4 and I'll never upgrade. I'll just buy another 4 if mine breaks.

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