8 8 inch android BMW GPS for E60 90 CIC

8 8 inch android BMW GPS for E60 90 CIC CCC, with EVO UI style, functions of gps, dynamic parking, bt, mirror link etc


  1. Warning Warning Warning

    The product sound does not work

    When he returns the product he lies and says that he has not come and takes the money

    Gives you an imaginary address in Spain

    The manufacturer says from Germany

    Liar Liar Liar

  2. How did you connected this without a car? I have to delete my stuff after crash with my car and I don't have my BMW anymore.

  3. Those are nice features but very most importantly, is there a screen where I can reset my tire pressure, check my oil, look at all my vehicle upcoming maintenances etc?

  4. it won't find my location. The gps keep saying "searching for location" but never connects.

  5. I have a 06 bmw 330i super sport with a idrive and a aux in the armrest. Does it fit my car and how much the unit.

  6. Can i use idrive in the android Menü or only in original bmw Menü? Just touch in android Menü?

  7. One big problem. Movies too wide. No actual view. People in movies look wider then they are.

  8. My head unit comes with 6.5 inch color display located in the center of the panel. It has the CCC Business interface but comes without navigation. It is known as M-ASK. Will it fit ?

  9. My idrive stop working,went blank but geting power,if i buy this will it still work

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