7 Ways to Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life (Android & iPhone)

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  1. Nice
    Brother plz how to increase battery tab 2 100
    My tab battery slowly charging
    Plz code

  2. Thank God you uploaded new video, been waiting for this.💯🙋🏻‍♂️💪🏻🤙🏻

  3. He is a alien 👽 he screwed intel Amd even Graphics card companies are also scared he got 2 million of followers he is owning money 💰 from making stupid videos for buying a graphic cards and and cpu and ram and phone 📱 for him its like a butter 🧈 but for a normal human its tough you have to work hard and make money and buy better phone 📱 or pc 💻 don't destroy your money on such scam video

  4. guys if you do fast charge then your battery is going away faster too so if you normally charge than it will go normally or slower than fast charging

  5. @tiojoe
    lcd means liquid Cristal display
    So when you say lcd screen it means
    Liquid crystal display screen

  6. Don't use wireless induction charging for overnight charging. It's less efficient and creates more heat, which degrades batteries. Always use a cable for overnight charging.
    Also, if you're willing to spend, invest in a cable that detects when the phone is fully charged and cuts off power, so it doesn't trickle charge all night, which also hurts batteries.
    I just plug my phone in when I wake up, and in the hour or so it takes me to get ready to go to work, I'm at 100% again. No need to bother with overnight charging at all.

  7. ways to improve battery life in 7 easy steps:
    1- shut off phone
    2- dont use ANY apps at all, after all its those apps u like and use the most that EAT the battery
    3- dont use phone at all
    4- dont ever charge phone, the more u charge the less battery life
    5- use someone elses phone
    6- use phone as paperweight
    7- keep phone plugged in all the time BUT then again that'll kill your battery

  8. Can you help me…STEP BY STEP

    I have a Windows PC (10) and…
    I downloaded this game I love to play, but every time I download it…it freezes up and then I keep deleting it and downloading other versions but it does not work..they all freeze as soon as I open the game.

    I have Cortona but I never use her. I tried to ask her for help but my PC is doing some crazy stuff…

    When I click the "Type here to search" bar on the left corner of the screen….and try to type in settings or any random thing, it never lets me actually search what I want and it exes me out.

    I don't know how to explain it, but

    – I can't search for anything unless I go to the search bar
    – Winzip Driver (I don't know if I need it but I have it ), as well as other random things, keep popping up on my PC as soon as I power it back on and off ( or reset it)

    I have Byte Fence- Anit- Maleware and a whole bunch of stuff.

    I NEVER DOWNLOADED ANY GAMES except the one I am trying to download, but my PC won't let me
    I have a (16gb) ram flash drive and my stuff still acting like this.
    🥺its been too many days I tried charging and everything. I really don't want to spend money for a little problem, please help.

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