7 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Fast Again

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Everyone knows that after you get a new phone, it will probably get slower over time. This is from a number of reasons, such as having too many apps installed, less storage being available, and more. This video discusses some of the best ways to…


  1. How you get faster coronus virus used 4G+ 5G ! The secrets behind technollogy ! Get awake or stay stoopeth dude !

  2. Tips:
    1. Get rid of unused apps
    2. Remove any bloatware that came pre-installed in your phone
    3. Free up more space
    4. Cut down on widgets
    5. Chrome data saver
    6. Disable auto sync

  3. I need for my phone being more smooth and fast– Hddjdjdj- I wanna play ROBLOX without it lagging

  4. Good Tips!! It actually helped a bit! And another tip i know is to not keep your phone in low screen light.

  5. Not to be mean or anything, but finally it isnt an indian dude. To be honest most of them lie and most of them have english on the title but they speak some random crap when it comes to the video and all they do is pretty much talk. Finally an English person!

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