7 smartphone photography tips & tricks

Watch photographer Lorenz Holder give an iPhone photography tutorial in Munich, Germany, with some tips and tricks for all smartphone users! 

*UPDATE: New video! Watch it here:

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  1. I am very amazed, I am from Indonesia, I also use a smartphone camera in making videos, please see my video

  2. Pls sir i do have intense dream of having a dslr but i dont have enough money for that sir pls help pls
    Can you gift me a good dslr

  3. Great tricks. Also work in Android Phones too! Remember to get headphones with volume adjustments! The Volume Up button will activate the shutter.

  4. そんなアナログなことでマクロレンズできるの?!w

  5. I almost throw my phone away when the spider pic came in. For a person like me fear of spider, this is not cool. But I love this video, I'm gonna need some time before I continue watching

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