7 iPhone Camera Hacks For Taking Stunning Photos

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Watch this iPhone photography tutorial to discover 7 secret iPhone camera features that every photographer should use to improve their iPhone photography!

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  1. Simply genius. Thanks for the tips. Very wise guy… for your age.

  2. i know i can shoot better on a DSLR but that's out of my current reach better to actually use what we have in our pockets all the time its all about timing for certain shots being prepared too

  3. i learnt basic photography years ago and shot weddings but this video was very helpful in motivating me to use my iPhone more thanks for the free tips i hope you can do some more for us poor pensioner types with a smartphone ill definitely hit the subscribed button

  4. You are amazing!! I love your soft spoken teaching manner and 1000 thank you‘s for this post! Your work is beautiful.


  6. Wow! Thank you so much for teaching such a gem of ideas regarding iPhone photography absolutely free. I have learned 30 minutes what I haven’t in last 365 days. Thank you.

  7. I know he’s talking specifically about photos here, but I think he should have also covered 4K video. It makes your videos so much sharper and smoother. You have to go to camera settings to actually turn it on.

  8. Absolutely wonderful tutorial. Well worth the time to listen. Thank you so much!

  9. If one wants more out of their phone cameras then it's simply time to go pro-cams…you can't shoot a celebrity gala with a phone camera…put it that way lol

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