7 Creative Mobile Photography Ideas and Phone Photo Hacks 2018 | Life Hacks

Discover cool simple photo life hacks anyone can do right now.
Here are 7 creative mobile photography ideas and phone photo hacks in 2018. Take better instagram photos. Beginner photography ideas. You can use these for any mobile phones and cameras like a DSLR. Learn mobile photography with these life hacks. Make the best mobile photography that you can with these instagram hacks.

Detailed video showing you how to do the ‘Floating’…


  1. Hello, wow!
    That is amazing, but do mind please explaining how exactly you did the levitation, I downloaded the app, but it wasn't very clear
    Thank you so much😁

  2. Can u explain me that how did u vanish that chair, i didnt get that, would u again guide me the procedure in the reply

  3. After doing the double exposure thing in the first pic I really didn't understand the next steps what tool did you use to select and erase the chair?

  4. Hey! i dont understand really well how to use the double exposure. Can you explain it to me or upload a video 'bout it? cause the pic was realyy cool!

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