7 cool tricks every Android user should know

Here are 7 cool tricks that every Android user should know.
List of tricks:

Popular Android phones:

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  1. READ THE REGULATORY AND LEGAL INFO guys!! Google apps, ALL of THEM, DEMAND access to your camera and mic!!
    surely you are AWARE they have admitted to placing spyware in the minis and eavesdropping on users, children and adults alike!
    they will interfere w typoing and thy keylog users!
    cop a frickin grip ewe tool!

  2. Gooflle will not allow this videe to remain fullscreen. one wunders WHHHHHY goofstooge??

  3. I knew all of them already except the home button launcher as I really don't need it. and I don't like my voice being heard at all times by my phone and sending conversations to google

  4. all of these except the dev mode hack do not work ive tried 2 i didnt try some but the ones i tried didnt work

  5. Unleash the full power of your smartphone….know the best tricks and be the smarty king to all smartphones.. Download the SmartydroidBH and always be updated to your latest WhatsApp, Facebook,Android.., tricks…just click the link below and download the app (300kb)

  6. I thought the "okay google" one was cool but my mom's voice was able to unlock my phone 😭😭😭

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