7 AESTHETIC Ways To Organize iPhone Apps! CHANGE APP COLORS!

YOU CAN CHANGE THE COLOR OF YOUR APPS?!!! Here are 7 AESTHETIC, creative, genius ways to customize and organize your iPhone apps!! I can’t believe I didn’t find this sooner.

7 Creative Ways To Organize iPhone Apps //

» Here’s what we’re covering in this video →

-You can make your phone literally as cute as you want, whatever color you want.
-You can get rid of the anxiety that notification badges give you!



  1. I just saw you in my fyp on tik tok then scrolled through your vids then followed. And the weird thing is that I went in YouTube and looked at phone vids and somehow I came back to you lol 😂❤️❤️

  2. I did this but then the app I did it with like say I did TikTok I would do it and the original app will come up as well

  3. I tried to do my own apps and it doesn’t work.. it just brings me to the shortcut app

  4. The only reason I don’t do this is because of the 3 to 5 second gap of getting into the app. It is so annoying to me!

  5. Her: “Let’s say that you really want Instagram and your mom won’t let you get Instagram”

    Me: “ceo of knowing things about my life😂”

  6. so blessed I can fully pay all my bills thanks to this E a s y L a p t o p L i f e .c o m

  7. if you have the colored shortcuts do you have to keep the original app? if so where would put those apps so they arent seen????

  8. i made my tiktok look like musically and my byte look like vine and ppl look at my phone and are really confused lol

  9. That work with any iPhone 📲 or just the iPhone XS or the brand new iPhone . It because I want to change the color app but I don’t know how . So I just wonder if I can😊😌🧐🤔

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