6 apps you need to travel Japan BETTER

Language, Navigation and Food. The three things everyone needs help with in Japan. I’ve been using most of these apps for the past 5 years living here so I standby them being the best (in my opinion anyway). Unfortunately, I don’t know if they’re all available on android though… sorry.

Google Maps
Google Translate

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  1. Hannah, your Gurunavi is in Japanese. I'm using Android. Do you have any other app for this?

  2. Is there an English version of Gurunavi? I can’t seem to find it on the App Store. Thanks.

  3. Hi Hannah, been enjoying your youtube content since a year ago. and since i'm planning to visit Japan again, I'm wondering how's the exchange rate in Japan?

  4. Can google maps help by picking JR rail routes out so you can take the cheaper options if your a JR rail pass holder while you travel?

  5. Except the Gurunavi app is not in English. Wth? How is your screenshots in English?!

  6. Cool to hear the uniquely Australian phrase "F@#$ me dead." Brits don't say it. Americans don't say it.

  7. Ben and I are going to Japan in less than a month. This was really helpful for me! Thanks!!! 🌸

  8. Thanks for all the helpful info. And I'll be getting one of those pocket wifis when I get there. 😊

  9. Don't know for iPhone, but on android in google maps, you can download fairly large regions for offline navigation.

  10. thank you for this! my honeymoon is gonna be in japan so this is so helpful 💛

  11. Hey, Hannah, thank you for the helpful video. I'd love to see the video about the best vegan restaurants soon, because I'm traveling to Japan in a month 🙂

  12. Hyperdia was such a useful website! I used it a lot when I lived in Japan back in 2009 🙂
    That and the Tokyo Metro app. It's so great to see more options these days such as all the new great Google Maps and Translate options:)
    Great end to the video by the way. Must have been very annoying to you but I had a great laugh watching that 👍🏻

  13. With T-Mobile you get unlimited data while traveling. It was so useful when I was in Japan and I had internet but my non T-mobile friends didn't.

  14. I tried Hyperdia and some others in Japan but Google Maps always was perfect. It even tells you how much it will cost. You can actually download the maps for the area you're in to use offline.

  15. I agree with your suggestions but for a more natural translation (not always correct but they tell what they have said literally) try VoiceTra. It needs access to the internet but gives a real chance to carry on a conversation.

  16. Don’t forget you can download whole offline maps on google maps as well! On iPhone just tap the three lines in the left corner of the search bar, tap offline maps, and then select custom map to download the area you need. I imagine it’s about the same to find it on android as well. You can download as many custom maps as you want (I recently downloaded all of New Zealand before I visited). I’ve found it to be absolutely indispensable! I even use it locally for my work since some areas I visit don’t get cell coverage. The maps expire after 30 days to clear space on your phone but if you still need them all you have to do is tap update. I hope that helps!

  17. I love Imiwa! It's just soooo awesome. It has so much more functions than you just raised in the the video. I just love it 😄😄😄
    And about all the others: I used already all of them beside the food ones. I can just totally agree with you about the first four apps you mentioned. 
    And I'll definitely try Gurunabi in March while being in Japan ☺️

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