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Combining two things I love: talking about relationships & productivity! Here are 6 apps to improve your relationship! //Pre-order my book “The Hormone Diaries”:
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1. Shared notes/to do list app
2. The And:
3. Shared calendar
4. Desire (sexy dares game):
5. Money/banking app
6. MysteryVibe: £30 off link! (affiliate, discount…


  1. Thanks for watching! So you know how I say in the video that it's an indirect to Dan about how he should use a personal calendar and that will help our relationship? Well he was watching over my shoulder when I was checking the edit and he just laughed… still working on it! What are you favourite apps you use in relationships?

  2. Period trackers! On some of them you can find lots of additional information about what is happening to the body on different times of menstrual cycle, very good for partners who are curious and want to understand more about each other.

  3. This is really useful! Although I'm an Apple and Mac person and my BF is an android person and hates Apple so am not sure how a joint calendar would work, since I use iCal.

  4. HMMM. so you Dan and your friends share your dildo app that anyone of you can activate it to what ever you want it ti do to you. So since you can't decide who you love more either Chelsea or Marla and who gets to finger you with a dildo app and in what position. I really don't think Dan would like to be like any part of that.
    This could work work with money but not with sex or love. I sincerely hope I'm totally missing the point here.

  5. Desire only offers male and female as your gender. I'd love to try it, but cant get past that bit due to my gender identity and wanting to avoid dysphoria in my sex life.

  6. Help! I'm pretty sure there was a Hannah video recently(ish) in which she recommended an app for communicating in a long distance relationship? An app where you can leave videos for each other? It wasn't this video, but I'm stumped as to which other video it is. Can anyone else think of either the video or the name of the app? Much obliged! 💙

  7. Great recommendations, Hannah. When it comes to the banking apps though, there's stuff out there today that's more targeted toward couples – everything from helping them manage expenses and splitting bills to setting goals together. There's HoneyFi and HoneyDue but my favorite relationship app, hands-down, is AskZeta.com.

  8. if i could find a relationship with some 1 like you Hannah I would be a 100% more happier than I am now I think you are brilliant and stunning xxx 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

  9. "A relationship is like a business"
    Hannah I think you do a lot of great work but things like that just make me want to kill myself. Like if every form of human experience is channeled through the sterilised trough of industrial capitalism what is there to live for oh my god

  10. Hannah thank you so much for inspiring me with ideas I never knew I needed. My partner works in aviation so I’m hoping I can persuade him to put in his schedule on a joint calendar ❤️ @ Dan use your calendar it will improve your lives together!

  11. Dipsea is amazing – basically it's an app that allows you to hear porn rather than see it. It has fully immersive audio bites, it's inclusive of multiple genders and ethnicities (hopefully all abilities too, I haven't done a tonne of research). It has great storylines if that's what you're into, some of it is pretty light while other sound bites are hot and heavy. I'm not here as an advertiser, it's just honestly made me a better person for having the app, hahaha 😛 https://www.dipseastories.com/

  12. I recommend Trello for the to-do list/note app. My department uses it for work, and I thought it was so great o had my husband work with me to set one up for our home as well.

  13. I’m the oldest sibling in my family, so I’ve never really had the ability to talk to someone about sex and relationship questions I have. I don’t feel comfortable talking to my parents about these things, but since finding your channel around a year ago, it’s like I’ve suddenly got an older sister. You answer so many of my queries without making it embarrassing, and you open my mind to things I wouldn’t have thought about before. So thanks for what you do ☺️

  14. Hannah on your recommendation I watched: "Sex Education"  on Netflix.  I really enjoyed it.  Thank you.

  15. I really love you, I had a liver transplant and I understand what your going through, your gorgeous and I wish I could get to know you better⛹️‍♀️😊😊😊😍😍😊

  16. ‘Weekly Chefs’ and ‘Grocery’ work really well for us! Both you can share with the other half. Weekly chefs is a meal planner where you can add links to recipes and add photos and stuff (62 weeks going strong – we’re now not sure how we’d do food without it. Grocery is a good shopping list. It learns what you tick off first so that next time you go in the stuff you walk past first will be at the top of the list. You can also assign certain things to certain shops which helps when you get certain things from certain places.

  17. We use and enjoy happy couple, I'm gonna download and try the dare game you recommend

  18. Please don't think I'm a creepy old man…just about 49 and I just had to write I've fallen hard for your beautiful face in particular your gorgeous eyes. All my love from a friendly old Kiwi (New Zealander)

  19. With google calendar you can share the entire calendar, you don't have to add people to events 🙂

  20. Hi this Iman from subway I don’t know if you’ll ever see this but I just wanted to say how nervous I was meeting you and you honestly opened my eyes to things I was ignorant about it before. Anyways I’m done with this essay basically professing my love to you 😂. I’m honestly cringing about how acted to you. I just realised I never said your name. OMG 😭😭 sorry.

  21. For splitting money, my bf and I use Splitwise. Since I discovered it I use it for everything. It's especially useful while travelling!

  22. ahhh I was going to buy a new sex toy on Monday, but then saw you tweet the screenshot with the Crescendo in your hands – decided to wait for your video and I'm so glad I did! Ordering it now!

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