5 Ways to DevOps-ify your App – Github Actions Tutorial

Five easy ways to automate πŸ€– your software development process with Github Actions. Lean how to build CI/CD pipelines and other awesome DevOps workflows.

– Special Thanks to Marc Stammerjohann for the Firebase Github Action Guide
– Demo Code
– Github Actions

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  1. Can you make a video about how to learn like you? And also about productivity…

  2. April 13 or 12, 2020 (one month later after this video) Github actions are completely free!

  3. Fantastic Video!! I use Github Actions to Build and Dockerize my Java Apps and publish them to GitHub Package Registry

  4. I have literally not found any other channel on YouTube that has given me as much value in as little time as yours. Thank you so much! πŸ‘πŸ½

  5. This only works if you have your firebase credentials hardcoded in your code. It is bad practice to upload these credentials to your repo.

  6. Is this trunk based development? (often used with CI/CD). I find it odd that you are still using pull requests to master.

  7. What I keep wondering is how to know what key-value pairs to use for which result in YAML files. I know that the Token (07:59) is a variable, but how does it get the value, and where can I find documentaries explaining exactly that? Can you perhaps help out with this?

  8. I’ve been using travisCi for years, so I’m not new to te game. But after reading github docs for actions I find them very confusing. That’s why I’m so impressed how easily you explained it. Good job!

  9. This is so easy to follow 😍 can you do an episode about testing with Javascript?

  10. Great video. It also reminds me that I need to stop publishing manually to my website and setup some actions to do that for me. That and deployment for my Flutter packages.

  11. glad to being one of your subsribers. i really like the whole effort in animations and presentation … only one thing is sometimes you explain things quite fast… i'm not a native speaker, i can still understand what you're saying but it takes me more time to process that i have to turn off caption for better understanding. anyway good video as always

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