5 Tips to BEAT Fallout Shelter – Early Levels – NEW ANDROID USERS MUST WATCH

5 Tips to BEAT Fallout Shelter – Early Levels gives tips to new players on how to maximize their dwellers performance.


  1. His dwellers are at 12% happiness I freak out when it passes 85%. You should keep the production as high as possible so dwellers are happier, and when disaster strikes you don't run out of resources.

  2. i don't recommend this because this method is stupid…. don't let your dweller die…. plus this video shows
    ots and lots of dwellers that are out of control i mean like look at his food and water SO UNBALANCED i don't recommend this…. don't teach newbie's how to do the hardway….. you idiot

  3. The reason why they look so sad is because your dwellers have a lot of radiation the lifeline should all be green with no red lines

  4. Hi sorry to contradict you the redline means they have radiation so basically you are losing Life on each player Instead of having full green line now you only have Half the life

  5. You're giving tips?! Here's one back. All your dwellers are SUICIDAL.

    Kidding… sort of. Thanks for the tips.

  6. excellent tips… this will really help me. I like how you use elevators and the great tip about energy levels and training and staying below 61 dwellers. Just a great video.. thanks..

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