5 Tips on How to Make a Travel Video from Your Phone

Documenting your travels is not that difficult. Here is a video that can help you make awesome travel videos with just your phone. We look forward to seeing your awesome travel videos in Youtube, Instagram or Facebook!

Apps I use for my videos:
1. Filmic Pro – Manual focus, brightness, etc.
2. Lapse – For timelapse videos
3. VideoGrade – Post processing; editing vibrance, color correct, saturation, etc .

This video covers 5 tips on how to make a travel video from your phone with…


  1. Video starts at 1:47
    1 Download a camera app for optimum control
    2 Use time lapse and slowmo to add rythm.
    3 Use different angles.
    4 Capture moment/be spontaneous
    5 Have fun

    I would add 6, learn how to edit. The music here is repetitive and way too loud.
    This video could have been halved.
    When putting your video you should have an A story and a B story.
    In this video the A story is explaining the 5 tips. The B story is ''fun in nature''
    The story A here is in order but the B story is a mess, we don't really know what, where and when everything is going on.
    A good B story would be getting out of the car with a backpack, going for a walk, stop for lunch, swim and come back.
    Having your A and B story being linear help making the video cleaner, simpler and shorter because you don't need to explain what is going on.
    I just realized I know more about this than I expected.

  2. I already know everything about editing. I stayed and subscribe for these two beautiful ladies

  3. Hey good video… keep it up!Maybe you could check my YouTube channel and lmk what you think

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