5 Tips on How to Get Legendary Commander Sculptures | Rise of Kingdoms

THIS IS RISE OF KINGDOMS – USE TO BE CALLED RISE OF CIVILIZATIONS. In this video I will show you how you can obtain more legendary sculptures which will help you get stronger legendary commanders and help you dominate the game.

Obtain massive legendary Commander Sculptures

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5 Tips
1. Do your Daily Objectives
2. Rally Barb Forts
3. Event Conversion
4. ViP Shop


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  2. Don’t get fooled boys. Research say stack keys make no difference. It is just an illusion when you open a lot you get the amount of legendary commanders and sculptures. Some said the chance of getting legendary commanders are even higher in individual chests.

  3. Let me, as a beginner and a free to play give some advice. Although you will see many good stuff from courier store and vip levels which need gems, do not spend them, especially if you have Charles Martel or is an infantry player. That is because usually you will be in new kingdoms in the beginning and Richard is gonna come out very quick. The only hope for free to plays is to keep whatever gems they can get until that day and ignore all temptations.

  4. I canot believe that I at last found a website that works. Got so many gems, coins, gold or whatever from GameCrook.

  5. 5 tips…. None of which are fun and easy…… 1.Buying 250 gold keys won't make you happy. 2. 1000 gold keys might get you 1 or 2 legendary's fully upgraded. 3. Save your money for a game that is more deserving like Fortnite or Assassin's Creed Black Flag. 4. Pay to play isn't fun. 5. Bye!

  6. But sinchi u growed so much bro…. Even I started playing before u, chisgule and legend but I couldnt contunue to play for job and family

  7. I opened 3 gold keys in 3 days one by one, I get 2 full cc, 4 charles martel sculpture, so opening 180 once doesnt increase probability

  8. so basically farm golden keys for 2 years
    open them and get about 10 sculptures for your commander (maybe)

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