5 TIPS FOR BEGINNERS | Art of War: Legions [Mobile Game]

These are 5 Art of War tips for beginners that will help you maximize your playing, get you past some levels, and get you the troops you want and need.

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  1. How do you activate inactive troops? There are some cards which are inactive but rhe troops are good. I can't find where to put them on the battlefield.

  2. Hi, I’m on level 326 and have 2.28M on coins. I’ve been pretty stingy when it comes to spending. I only buy the 240K Pack whenever I reach a level that I can’t beat. My question would be if its logical to save up this much money?

  3. I play this a few hour ago and I don't see any daily quests

  4. Hi. I need help. 3 of us here using 3 different devices play it for 3 days and today. We accidentally link 3 accounts to just one facebook. It did not ask to choose one. It just automatically chose the fb signed in on the 3 devices. Now. The save and load game on the app is also not working. Is there any way we can use separate facebook account? Because we cannot play together at the same time. The 3 of us play different levels but when online everything messed up. Help me please

  5. Should I wait to continue levels if I’m waiting on timed chests to open? I have a hero box to open with a 7 hour timer, so I’m waiting before on the next level that offers a hero box

  6. Hey dude, I just started this, but I
    How do I increase my barracks size? It’s only 100

  7. how do i increase idle reward? my friend is on lvl 340 and he earns 3600 coins per hour while im at 920 and earn 2200 per hour.

  8. I prefer to buy the 4 star troops for 120k than the normal card pack. You get better troops there.

  9. Should I avoid purchasing the single hero "New Releases" in the shop? 
    Thank you for making this video!!

  10. i have 2 lvl 7 fire mages…what do i do to combine them to make them lvl 8?

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