5 Things You Need To Know When Switching From Android To iPhone!

Tempted to switch over to an iPhone XR after using an Android phone? We do it every year! Here are 5 things you need to know when changing over from an Android phone to an iPhone.

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  1. I have been an Android user my whole life I'm sooo excited to finally not get an iPhone.

    I'm actually getting a Galaxy s10.

  2. My question is, why would you ever do that. More often, it's the other way around where iPhone users switch to Android

  3. When do you Millennials grow up? Out of games? We grew out on games, skateboards by 17. I just find it so strange that you are not into more serious things, like starting a family. I mean this sincerely.

  4. I'm switching from some crappy lg phone to the red xr tomorrow and I can't wait

  5. As i age, suddenly the customization does not seem all that important anymore when you have far more important factors to consider when purchasing a phone. My needs requires:

    1) Stable OS with good updates, that means with a good ecosystem of apps support and stability.
    2) Consistent image quality that enables me to take photos of products, gatherings, food, etc.
    3) Mature technology instead of newer but experimental and buggy technologies which are impractical most of the times.
    4) Great customer service or wide chain of repairs and support available.

    On these points, Apple Iphones does the job BLOODY WELL. You can't believe how many android phones can screw up on these points.

  6. I had to move to iPhone for the first time because I couldn’t cope with how poor android auto has become, CarPlay is simply more robust

  7. I've been an android user my whole life the only reason am switching to an 8 plus is because I bought a 2020 Corolla and it only uses appleCar play 🤷🏿🤷🏿🤷🏿

  8. Originally I was almost Android only. But I LOVE apple watches and I absolutely need its heart rate monitor due to some heart problems I have. Android watches are so inconsistent and not so streamlined.

  9. Ooooo I was about to push purchase until I heard about the no fingerprint scanner thing. That's one feature I love on android!

  10. The performance is incorrect. So, I've been an android user for 11 years. I've have six different android phones anywhere from motorola to LG to Samsung. While the performance is good at first, ALL my android phones are bad. They are laggy and slow and choppy. Then I use my friends' iphone and it's just perfect. It never lags or delays response. Really is annoying. Iphone really is much better.

  11. I did the switch, and I love it!

    I’d recommend making the switch if I’m being honest, it’s not that different so if you’re concerned about the price then don’t make the switch to be honest but if you don’t mind the price, I like apple a little better though so I’m gonna stick with em.

  12. I've been an android user for my entire life but this Tuesday I'm saying hello to apple with the iPhone 11

  13. hey guys pls help me. I have an Android and i want to switch to ios. But im scared because on my Android google play, my email has this error that keeps popping up if i try and buy a game or in game stuff. I contacted google play but they said that email can no longer buy anything anymore ill have to send them my license or credit card details to verify which i did but they said no still.. 😔 that's why im switching but if i switch and put that email into mail or itunes etc, will apple also not let me buy anything (in app etc) also like google play? or will it let me do anything like a restart..

  14. Just bought the ip7 as a budget introduction to ios. Cant wait. 🙂

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