5 BEST Hidden Android Secrets, Tips And Tricks That You Must TRY NOW (2020)

5 BEST Hidden Android Secrets, Tips And Tricks That You Must TRY NOW (2020)

In this video, Lets check out 5 Best Hidden Android Secrets, Tips And Tricks that you Must TRY In your Android device NOW. If you really want to be a PRO android user, Then make sure you watch this video fully.

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  1. when you say hidden features, you should find from phone & not promote third party app or should change title of video related to your videos

  2. Friends please don't download Volume Styles Application.
    It requires the "Observe text that you type" permission in Accessibility Menu.
    If you will allow this permission the developer will be able to access whatever you type including all personal data like your credit/debit card numbers, passwords etc…

    I don't understand why YouTubers suggest this kind of applications. 🤔🤔🤔

  3. Samsung A50 ko india me update milega bhi ya nhi..
    (last update was on 10th march, with feb. security patch and android pie)
    when will i get the android 10 update..
    -samsung is truly the worst in matter of software update at least..
    (and plzz jinhe mil gaya, samsung ki tareef karne mat aa jana comment ke reply me., a50 ko jinhe bhi android 10 update mila.. hai wo bhi bugs ke saath..
    in the end i'll just say- fuck u samsung🤬
    never gonna buy samsung again.., thinking about going for one plus now..

  4. Thanks sir,well useful & knowledgeable information share with us about android mobile 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Hello @Mr Android, been following you for over a year now. Can you say when the Android 10 Update for A50 is going to come to India? My phone runs Android 9 and shows ‘Your software is up to date.’ Thank You.

  6. I want u to make a video on
    Best KWGT Presets (Its gonna be trending)
    2) What's on your phone video

    Lit videos. Miss the A50❤👋

  7. Bro.
    You are suggesting to use third party apps for very small things bro.
    This just increases the storage consumption in our device.
    We don't need to use third party apps for very small things like listening music, volume slides ,etc. I'm using Samsung A50 and my storage is at 57% bro.. actually my actual storage usage is 10.34GB only.. But the apps I've installed for different purposes consumed that much storage that I get frame drops while I play PUBG. So try to reduce usage of third party apps in the place inbuilt applications. Most of the users are Samsung users bro.. Samsung Mobiles gets slowed down with the apps increasing in the phone. So try to suggest useful apps but not apps for the replacement of inbuilt applications like an alternative for the inbuilt apps.

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