[4K]What To Eat and Do in Seoul, Korea (NOC Travel Guide!)

Korea is a shopping heaven for girls 😀 food was okay, people was okay, the weather is definitely great for cold chasers! 😀
Tell us where you wanna go next!

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  1. i went to seoul, korea during the december holiday last year and i really missed it there after watching this video 🥺😻

  2. Seoul at it's best plus the exhilirating camaredie among you guys, what more can I ask? I'm site!

    🎉🎈🎋Happy Birthday 🎈🎂🎁🎈🎊

  3. You should go to this place called "Korea" I'm not being sarcastic if you wanna warm up go there

  4. Same Skiing place I went when I went to Korea, so much fun, almost spranked my ankle, but I had less food options. Hope to go ski again. Srry for bad English

  5. The food I ate in Korea is Super cheap, for 5 people it’s about 50k+ won.

    10,000 won = $10-14

  6. Sylvia at 3:06:we are going to sleep before we get sick
    Me last time I was at Korea:I went back to my hotel at 2am

  7. 5.22 okay we've reached the top see you at the top🤗.

    ????? But….your already at the top……

  8. i watched this when it came out 3 years ago, now at the age of 13 i finally get to go to korea (during the dec holidays) so im keeping updated though my family has been there many times so they’re really familiar

  9. im sorry lah but u guys dont seem to even be enjoying yourself in korea how would we think we will enjoy ourselves if u guys just act so sian, but still had some good tips lah so i cant complain…

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