49 Essential Travel Apps You Should Download

The best travel apps that you need for your next trip. These are my favorite applications that I use regularly on my travels and that have been recommended by many fellow explorers. With these apps at your fingertips you can leave that heavy guidebook in your hotel room. EXPAND DESCRIPTION FOR FULL APP LIST.


1. Kayak
2. Seatguru
3. Your Airline App
4. Flight Radar 24

Miles and Points:
5. Awardwallet
6. App in the Air:

Getting around:
7. Google Maps
8. Waze
9. Apple Maps:
10. …


  1. That guy who commented that you're boring must have been looking for flashy vlog videos or something lol you're very informative and your advice made my trip to Hawaii last summer a very good one! Thanks for all you do!

  2. OMG dude, TripIt is # 1 app on my travel list. So nice to have your itinerary timeline, and so easy to save to. Also, turned out I have free subscription to TripIt Pro via my employer (a pretty big company). So check on your employer benefits/travel web site to see if you qualify for a free pro membership.

  3. HI we will be going to Osaka on December 25 to January 1,what app can you recommend for us to use in get around Osaka

  4. I think the Expedia app is really easy. Don’t use it too often, but every once in a while for last minute trips up to Seattle for a cheap room when I’m not trying to spend a bunch of money at a nice hotel.

  5. Hi Chris. There is a few apps that I will look into. Thank you for another great video.

  6. Thanks for adding the list rather than just leaving it in the video itself!

  7. Hey Chris, thanks for the shout out re: Hotel Tonight. I was too tired to join your live stream last night…on the east coast it was 11 pm. :-(( I'm really enjoying your channel and all the great travel info. Keep up the great work! :-))

  8. Great video on travel Apps learnt about some new ones and learnt some new features on ones that I'm using . thanks Chris

  9. Pass app is great "uber" like app for Cambodia. Some great apps, well done.

  10. Hi Chris. What app would you suggest a traveller can use when visiting California. Thanks

  11. Omg downloading flight radar right now. I can just look at a plane and then see what flight it is. Awesome.

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