4 ways to improve battery life on the Galaxy S8 (CNET How To)

Read the CNET article here –
Try using one of these four features to stretch the phone’s battery life a little further.

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  1. I just got my galaxy s8+ yesterday and the battery is draining so fast it goes 1% by a min and i don't understand why its doing that im not using any app but its still draining my battery

  2. I've bought two galaxy s8 both of them have battery problem if anyone can help me see repeat on comment

  3. I would rather have no lag no stuttering and max performance than save battery and get shitty performance and lag and stutter.
    who cares about battery life when most people charge there phone at the end of every day even with everything turned on the s8 goes the entire work day so who cares about saving battery.

  4. please stop hiring this kid for your videos Cnet Tyler's monotone voice is a killer

  5. Currently based on some tests S8 is the best flagship on battery life.

  6. The fact that this video even exists proves that Android and Android OEMs need to collaborate better on improving battery life.

  7. 0 ways to improve battery life on iphone 7 plus.

    you dont do anything it's battery is already great

  8. I love always on display and battery last a long time, the phone really takes good job with apps which drain the battery. Great software…

  9. Don't use your phone consistently and delete the official Facebook app. After doing those things, you will see a dramatic change in your battery life.

  10. It is false that disabling always on will save you battery. With it off, you will always be "checking your phone" by turning it on which over the course of a day will drain the battery more.

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