4 SMART Ways to use Custom Formatting instead of Conditional Formatting in Excel – Part 1

Custom formatting is really easy to use once you understand the rule behind it.
Download the workbook here:

For Part 2 watch:

We normally use custom formatting to show numbers with thousand separator, as percentage or even to show green for positive and red for negative values. Basically to format the numbers in our reports. But we hardly ever use custom formatting to show deviations with symbols. Or to…


  1. Nice video, just a quick update u need to zoom in while entering formula in custom formatting otherwise it will be difficult to see

  2. Hi Leila, where do you think is a source were we can have a comperhinsive information about custom formatting language? like for example. the star then space trick is really neat but there must be a source were we can learn this custom formatting language in depth ! I am certain there are many other tricks to learn. Thanks for an ammazing vedio.

  3. Language sensitivity is a major problem when files are exchanged with someone having a different language setting. An issue Microsoft can resolve easily.

  4. Thumbs up from NL,EU very helpful. clear and calm voice. keep on the good work

  5. This formula doesn't work for me, does anyone have any advice? Thanks

  6. Huh🤔, use excel a lot in office,, still cannot think of what you have done with custom formatting 👌 … thanks , its amazing …

  7. Great video and I need to keep learning this method. Could you HELP with this? Im trying to find a method to highlight the "low" number, in each row, in a spread sheet of multiple rows of number values. Four values on each row for example. Ive been searching your videos..

  8. It would be better if you can zoom in when entering text or formulas. Its very hard to see it as the font size is small

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