4 Clever Ethernet Cable Hacks

Even though wireless technology is making ethernet cables obsolete, let’s take a look at some ways to breathe new life into these technological wonders.

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  1. Pretty sure most computers dont need crossover cables anymore the nic automatically knows where each send and receive wire should be

  2. Hack 1: who isn't using gigabit in 2020?? Also is a crossover really a hack? It's just a known thing.
    Hack 3: USB is only good for transferring data up to like 15 feet, so by the time you get into and up a wall, you're basically out of length
    Hack 4: is PoE really a hack? Also, who is plugging 10/100 into their router? Sounds like a bad time. Especially since you may get some cross talk….

  3. Ethernet may not be ideal for like… Grandma to check their email, but for a gamer, professional video editor, or call centers, and hospitals… its VERY important… far from being considered legacy connections, my dude.

  4. While these hacks will work as described, most newer devices are running Gigabit Ethernet and, some, even faster. So, the extra 4 wires are no longer extra. The hacks work well as a temporary workaround, but I wouldn't recommend them for a finished product. For the PoE hack, you would be better off buying a PoE Injector/Splitter set. This will allow all 8 wires to be used for Ethernet, permitting Gigabit speeds, and still giving the PoE. Of course, if the device supports PoE, then the splitter isn't necessary. You just need an injector that's compliant with the device's PoE requirements.

    As others have mentioned, the crossover cable usually isn't needed any more. Most devices have Auto MDIX and will take care of this themselves. However, if there's a problem, using a crossover cable can be a troubleshooting tool.

    I have seen network cards in some devices that will not step down to 100 Mb/s when all 8 wires aren't available. Most devices will simply run at 100 Mb/s as long as the primary 4 wires are working correctly, but not all devices. So, simply using only 4 wires may not work on your device.

    "…. as long as both ends are wired the same." This is true, to a point. The electrons don't care what color the wire's insulation is. So, in that perspective, it doesn't matter what color code you use as long as both ends are the same. However, what does matter is keeping the pairs together. If you don't, you'll get cross-talk and have lots of problems. So, you can put the color pairs in any order, as long as you keep the pairs together and wire both ends the same. The pairs go to pins 1 & 2, 3 & 6, 4 & 5, 7 & 8. Please note the pin split in the 2nd pair. Standard Ethernet (100 Mb/s or slower) only uses 1 & 2, 3 & 6. Gigabit Ethernet and faster uses all 4 pairs, as previously described.

  5. I believe NICs no longer need crossover cables if they can sense that they're directly connected to another NIC.

  6. Clever hacks , not a damn history lesson.. assume we know about RJ45 terminating.. get to it

  7. Also, ethernet doesn't get interference from microwaves and other connections.

    Yes, I mean the microwave in your kitchen. They run on frequencies within one of the wifi bands. I forget which one

  8. Transmission Control Protocol, not “transfer”. Seems not the most accurate, technically…

  9. If you've ever tried to do a repo sync for a massive source code repository over a spotty 2.4ghz WiFi connection, then you probably know how valuable Ethernet cables are even nowadays.

  10. You're showing an actual registered jack connector (with the key on the side) and that's not at all what is used for ethernet cables. It was for phone systems, and unfortunately, the name RJ-45 stuck, when in reality they're called 8P8C modular connectors.

  11. Nowadays all 8 wires are used so these hacks can’t be used anymore and the network card will do the crossover automatically so crossover cable isn’t needed

  12. 2013: “these are almost legacy, so hack them for good use”

    Data technician in 2020: “…what?”

  13. Very interesting. I didn't even think it's possible.
    TCP is not FTP though.

  14. As a super-veteran of the computer world (started in 1982) it sends me into convulsive fits when people use "hack" for anything other than what it ACTUALLY means. The concept of "hacking" was founded on the idea of a person or program performing a brute-force attack vs a password challenge. "keep trying combinations until you get the password". So when someone says "hack a cable" it is every bit as idiotic as "doing gene therapy on a doorknob". FFS someone educate the millennials so they stop showing their ignorance so flagrantly.

  15. Wow! Retired from I.T. and I think I.T. 101 we went over using a crossover for direct computer to computer communication. Not a hack at all, it's an industry standard. Oh! And don't get me started on splicing CAT cable and adding to jitter and latency on the network and multi re-sends and crap like that. Do it right and use a $witch. You can buy them for like $10 – 15 these days.

  16. It is now 2020 and these cables are still going strong. They even have a cat7 cable now. I don't like wireless that much for my computers. I want the more reliable connection the Ethernet cable provides. Especially for my Xbox.

  17. 2020 and still nowhere near obsolete….I've just installed a full wired gigabit network in my house with Cat 6 coz wifi sucks a$$

  18. I can't believe this garbage video has 6 million hits. Full of incorrect information and bad ideas. If you use 4 of your Ethernet wires for a different purpose you will destroy your network. Any communication greater than 100 mbps needs all 8 wires, which is basically 100% of communication today.

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