#4.3 Android Room Insert Operation: Room Database Tutorial. Jetpack Architecture Tutorials

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In this video, you will learn how to INSERT data into ROOM database. You will see the demo application in detail with the entire set up starting from the entity, DAO, database, and activity.

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  1. You did not implement the insert() method introduced in the interface NoteDao. How this program works without an actual method???

  2. .execute function not comming while creating new InsertAsynctask..can you help me out in this?

  3. I like your previous tutorials (1,2,3) , here some important thing didn't explain at all in the code also didn't use repository …

  4. I love the way you explain each and every point in a crystal clear manner. Even that will reach to the beginner easily and another good thing you will convey the contents in a short span of time.Thanks to the each and every tutorial coming from you.

  5. There is no database file in my Device File Explorer under my application package even after doing and following all your processes.

  6. The toast of the "note is saved" does not mean that the async task is finished successfully as its gonna run immediately after the execution is called as this is on the UI thread, you should have a call back from the onPostExectue of the async task to run this toast method to handle the toast in the correct place, but anyway great work and keep it up

  7. i am getting an RuntimeException : Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.sdk.jetpackexample/com.sdk.jetpackexample.room.MainRoomActvity}: java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot create an instance of class com.sdk.jetpackexample.room.NoteViewModel , how i can solve this issue ? i 'm using androidX

  8. hello smartherd…you matters me a lot…thats why u r requested to provide some useful videos on Constraint layout…waiting for the same…thanks.!!

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