#39 Best Android GAMES of The Week – 2 player Multiplayer Online

Over 3000 Apps & Games Reviewed! Subscribe – Best Android Games 1. Launcher Wall 0:14 2. Angry Birds 0:57 3. Live Holdem Pro 2:23 4 …


  1. This was way back when huh? Well I read what you put in the description about yourself and I noticed that you put in there that you live in Oregon Hillsboro Portland. And I figured out on this recent Sunday that I might move there. So maybe we would have a chance to see each other somewhere. 😃

  2. heyy cool vid btw! i have an iphone but when i saw ur vid i couldnt believe that most of the apps are exactly the same lmao! yea…id heard frm pals that android was getting gd but im not sure whether to now get a HTC as i need a new phone but was goin to get the next generation of the iphone. Is android really much similar or better than the iphone??? 🙂 x

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