#38 Android Tutorial: Multiple Screen Support – 1 – Make your Android App: Part – 5

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Multi Screen support and multi device support in android. This Tutorial says how you can make your app supported in multiple screen size, multiple screen density, multiple API versions.

Link to developers.android .com official website…


  1. Im a bit confused. Int this video you create a layout for small, normal, large and xlarge but later it uses sw qualifier for tablets? Should you use the small, normal,large qualifiers and then the sw sw720 for tablets or is the sw sufficient without needing the small, normal and large qualifiers?

  2. Sir,
    Got this error log after checked "offline mode" option: No cached version of com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.2.0-beta03 available for offline mode. Disable Gradle 'offline mode' and sync project

    And if unchecked "offline mode" Enable Gradle 'offline mode' and sync project

    Gradle version 4.10.2
    Can you contact me at watsaap 8901493373. Please

  3. Mostly right, but DPI and screen size are independent of one another. two devices with same screen size can have (and will have) different amount of pixels if densities (DPI) are not the same. You sort of made it sound like they were the same.

  4. how about a android mod, that splits screen into 2 duplicate side by side images" for vr type veiwing",
    of all material shown on the screen….looked alot…nowhere…who wouldn't want this…it should be a standard android function..?

  5. android studio doesn't contain those 4 folders to adapt to all devices
    so it's managed automatically

  6. sir i have done everything as per u said in the video,but when i'm connecting large device,it's not switching to that layout.by default it's accepting normal layout. Please help me if u can.

  7. Thank you very much ………………………….
    it's an awesome splash screen…
    you are great .

  8. hey man I searched alot about this. Finaly I found your video. I understand everything, thanks alot man !! Btw for germans, english with indian accent is quiet funny^^. I can understand you clearly

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  10. awesome video. would really like to know the required background image size for xxhdpi and xxxhdpi coz they are there under src files/mipmap

  11. Ty for this video series . This is so good video . I fixed my problem and i used ur tactics. Ty so much man.

  12. Are you related to Vivz from Slidenerd? Your style of teaching/tutorials are the same with Vivz. Nice tutorial tho 🙂

  13. Excellent tutorial. Really well done, clear, precise, complete! Thanks a lot for this excellent work!

  14. I have been having a very, very rough time trying to understand how dp relates to dpi.  Your video was very helpful in providing very succinct, specific and simple explanations.  Thank you and keep up the good work.  I really and truly like your video.

  15. The normal size range for the screen sizes (in inches) doesn't match with the corresponding image. Shouldn't it make sense to say 3.0" to 4.3"?

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