35 Hidden Android Features.

Tips, Tricks and Secrets that you can use on your Android (and iOS) Phone. They also work on the new Android 10, and can help you better customise your Android Mobile, make it faster and help the battery to last longer. Links:

For the Ultimate Playlist on Android Customisation:

Google Lens:
Chrome Flags: chrome://flags
Hex Installer:…


  1. Please do a vedio about oppo, everything about it, it's positivity and it's negativity if it has

  2. Too bad Gboard steals your info. It even says it when you try to download it from playstore (this app may steal personal data such as credit card numbers) WTFman?. Samsung already has a floating keyboard stock but it says it right there. You probably have 1,000 flagship phones because you get paid to promote this shit. The apps are cool, I'll give you that but security should be number 1

  3. dude….DUUUUDEEEEE!!! I was going to type something as soon as i saw the intro but i didn't. Then i saw the part were you commented on it so i subscribed and i'm leaving a comment now for feedback. Best intro possible! straight to the point and the context is also gold. Since the intro is a strategy (i assume), consider it +1 from me, the mainstream viewer

  4. This is what we want!
    Jumping to the content without any further details
    Thanks a lot

  5. Another tip is that instead of double tapping the multitask button on Samsung (I don't know other brands) you can just slide your finger from the home button to the multitask button and it will go to the last app you were using

  6. OK IT WAS TYPE-B? i needed that cable so bad thank you 🙂

  7. Does it feel wierd that there is no intro the video feels incomplete and weird but this is probably a new trend or something idk😂

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