3 Simple tricks to improve the performance of you Android device

3 Simple tricks to improve the performance of you Android device. if you like this kind of tips and tricks then check out Rootjunky.com for so much more.

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5 Things you need to know before rooting or hacking your android device

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  1. Turn on Disable HW Overlay and Force GPU Rendering and limit background processes to 2 it helps a lot

  2. animation scale has no relation with the fps it just make animation faster so you think your phone is "faster" but it still a method to make you feel like your phone is running faster .

  3. Can u help me i have samsung galaxy tab a and in settings it says model number

  4. I saw a junk named android system coz it ate my 2gb of space try it guys remove that junk called android system trust me your phone will go to the most smooth level.

  5. yoo
    It's very efficient stuff, finally something that
    i found useful =)
    btw i am using cat b15q android phone.. and its pretty damn secured, if i can say like that…
    I have to root it somehow but, i have searched arround and found buggy, or not working root apps.. can i do it manualy somehow? i am really not into it, so thanks anyway, u helped already =)

  6. This info was priceless. Thanks for the help. My V20 was so slow. Turning the animation off helped the most for me. I have no shortage of storage with 64gb to start with

  7. I have a LYF Wind, it uses a 1.2 GHz processor with a RAM of 1 GB with 16 GB internal storage

  8. The animation tweaks is really nice. Helps a bit on my nexus 10. Gets a bit smoother for sure.

  9. Thanks a lot, you helped me to disable some apps that I didn't want, I can't uninstall em cause they are carriers garbage and it was driving me crazy.
    Now I'm free of unwanted apps.

  10. Hasn't Android been automatically managing the cache for the past years? I mean, you should still clear it if something is misbehaving, but it's actually going to make your device slower once it has to load everything into the cache back again. Also, modern versions of Android will shrink the cache for you as you load more data to your device, so clearing it manually every time you want to copy or download something seems pointless.

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