3 Secret ZTE Phone Hacks You MUST Know!

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3 Secret ZTE Phone Hacks You MUST Know!

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  1. Well. It's Feb.6, 2020 and I'm still tweeking my new blade zmax. I got it a few weeks ago from ZTE, Factory fresh unlocked. No Pr-installed apps. Nothing. Just popped in my at&t sim card and go. I've added a few apps, but I put them on the sd card. I really like this phone, and even in 2020 it's still a great deal for $87 from the factory.

  2. How
    do I increase the phones speaker volume level beyond the maximum 30 percent
    louder when in speaker mode?

  3. Hi. Are there another Lte unactivated bands in the engeineering menu of it? For instance b20 or b7 etc. Thanks

  4. I hear the complaints that nobody can look at a phone up close if it's online only ….. but the big payoff is that phone is unlocked (practically stock Android). These devices definitely look like an upgrade without having to pay over $200 for it. Thanks for the tips, @techright 👍

  5. From what I see on the specs for these devices neither support NFC, is that correct? The standby hours for the Max View is insane though (17 days)..though its sort of surprising it ships with Nougat rather than Oreo…has the OS updated recently? I was a fan of the Axon 7 but its old news now.

  6. Great video man!! Do you think the Blade Max View is the best budget phone right now? If not what do you think is better?? (MetroPCS)

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