3 POWERFUL ROOT Apps For Rooted Android | You Miss, Your Loss!!

3 powerful root apps for rooted android phone. you miss, your loss

In this video i have got 3 powerful apps that you can use if your device is rooted. This apps are very useful but they can also harm your device if you mess with the inapp settings. Please be a little bit careful while using these apps and make sure that you know what you are doing inside the application. My intention is not to scare you guys, i am just warning you, rarely anything happens. Well I hope you read and…


  1. The one who dislikes the video, if you don't mind then leave a comment saying what made you dislike the video.

  2. Do i have a setting somewhere in youtube that says "India Men" only? i have nothing against another its just hard to understand their speech but apparently India men have this topic of "best software for rooted phones" nailed down as ive been through top 10 results and 10 for 10 so far.

  3. I'm using my old Samsung S5 rooted:
    Wifi kill
    Sd maid
    Xposed installer
    Root explorer

    Just basic as that.. πŸ˜€

  4. R.I.P english 😒😒😒😒 like for english

  5. I love how u presented ur video. Very creative and innovative. Nice intro and quality of the video is very nice i must say, even ur voice a bit louder for normal volume LOL. But it doesn't matter, at least ur voice is clear for every words. And very good choice of music there. Almost perfect for the volume balancing between background music and ur voice. It's like the music is in background is slow ( as it should be ) but u still can hear it clearly. A++ for the video. Good job brother. U just got my respect sir. Keep it up bro.

  6. I am facing some issues with the gesture app. The gestures work properly the instance I turn on the app. After closing the app I could barely use it once or twice…. I am unable to figure out proper solution to it…

  7. Rooted apps that i used are
    Wps wpa tester
    Andro dumpet
    Busy box
    Wifi kill
    Root browser
    Lucky patcher
    And many more

  8. The rooted apps I use the most:
    Kernel Audiutor
    Lucky Patcher
    YouTube Vanced
    SD Maid

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